Stop climate change making people hungry


Get David Cameron to fight climate change with ambitious carbon cuts and more support for clean energy.

Extreme weather, like floods and droughts, ruins crops, kills livestock, and leads to devastating food shortages and price hikes - putting food beyond the reach of millions of the world's poorest people.

But things can be different. Leaders can act to give poor people a fighting chance. Right now, negotiations to set the EU's course on climate change until 2030 are getting underway. The most polluting industries are determined to undermine our chances for a fairer, greener future and are already lobbying leaders hard. It's up to us to strike back.

Sign and share our petition asking the Prime Minister to fight for ambitious EU targets on lower carbon emissions and more support for renewable energy.

Sign the petition to call on the Prime Minister to:

1) Push for an EU climate and energy package that:

  • Has ambitious EU targets to reduce emissions by 55% by 2030
  • Has binding targets for sustainable renewable energy and energy efficiency

2) Support farmers and their families in the world's poorest countries to adapt to changing weather so that they can grow enough food for themselves and for us all.

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