Support the Robin Hood Tax

What might the news be like in ten years time? What difference could a Robin Hood Tax make? This film takes a cheeky look at how a tiny tax on the banks might help the poor and the planet, at home and abroad. And how the time for action is now.

Over the coming weeks, leaders from 11 countries across Europe will debate the implementation of the Robin Hood Tax, but to stand up to the banking lobby, they need you. If one million people say yes to a Robin Hood Tax - and yes to using it to build a better world - politicians will know they're acting in the public interest when they make this future a reality.

Why a Robin Hood Tax?

The global economic crisis pushed 50 million people worldwide into extreme poverty, and forced many governments into disastrous economic situations. It's simply not fair for poor people to pay the price for mistakes made by rich bankers; they should contribute to our economic healing.

How has the campaign done so far?

In 2013, 11 EU states - including Germany, France, Italy and Spain - green lit a tax on financial transactions estimated to raise at least €34bn per year. The 11 countries are aiming to introduce it in the first 6 months of 2014. The next crucial step is for those countries to agree to commit a percentage of the income to fight extreme poverty, protect public services and tackle climate change. So far ministers from Belguim, France and Germany have sounded keen.

What about the UK?

The UK is not one of the 11 countries. In fact, the UK Government has tried to derail their plans. Meanwhile dozens of UK councils are calling for a British Robin Hood Tax and the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee have also recommended that the government reconsider the transaction tax as a source of revenue.

So, how will my action help?

Every name is another hand raised for the tax. It's a way of both showing support for the EU leaders working to implement the tax in our European neighbours, but it's also a clear message to the UK government: it's time to follow their example.

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