Help Tackle food poverty in the UK


Denise Bentley, Tower Hamlets foodbank manager. Photo by: Lydia Goldblatt/Oxfam.

People in the UK are going hungry - how can this be happening?

More and more people with homes and jobs have been plunged into poverty because of a 'perfect storm' of stagnant incomes, rapidly rising prices, unfair working practices, and benefit cuts. Increasing numbers of people are going hungry and being forced to rely on food banks to feed their families.

We can do something about it

Things need to change to stop the divisions between rich and poor in this country growing even wider and more people suffering hunger and hardship. Politicians have it in their power to bring in policies that benefit everybody, not just the privileged few.

We need:

  • the government to provide a social security system that acts as a safety net for vulnerable people instead of driving them into poverty.
  • all parties to set out plans to address food poverty and commit to raise the National Minimum Wage to the Living Wage by 2020.
  • the government to FULLY review zero-hours contracts and social security sanctions because of their impact on hardship and hunger.

Please use the accompanying form to email your MP and ask them how their party will tackle these issues and end food poverty.



Join with thousands of others and press your MP to address the growing food poverty problem across the UK.


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This is just the start. We'll be campaigning on inequality in the UK for the long term. And we'll be asking you to help keep the pressure on the politicians.

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