Constituency campaigner programme


Do you want to see a change in the world? Would you like to make a difference?

Oxfam's volunteer Constituency Campaigners raise campaign issues with politicians and decision-makers in their area to promote real and lasting change. The Constituency Campaigner Programme is a new and growing movement of specially trained volunteers able to influence those in power. If you would like to gain the skills and experience to effectively lobby your elected representative and help change people's lives then get in touch with us today.

How to apply

Would you like to find out how you can join the growing movement for change? You can become part of the programme today, just download details about this exciting role and fill in the application form (see two documents to download below), then send it to your local regional contact.

Role description (Word, 34KB)

Application form (Word, 94KB)

When you've downloaded and completed the application form, please send it to your local regional contact:

Wales: Fiona McDonald -
Scotland: Ryan McQuigg -

What does the role involve?

At Oxfam we're working every day to make change happen.  But we cannot do it alone - we need your help.

We are looking for passionate volunteers to join our Constituency Campaigner Programme. Constituency Campaigners raise Oxfam's issues with the politicians and decision-makers in their area to promote real and lasting change in people's lives. In becoming one of our Constituency Campaigners you will be making a difference by campaigning on the root causes of poverty and suffering.

Our Constituency Campaigner Programme aims to give you the knowledge, tools and support to make sure your voice is heard and has influence at the highest level. This voluntary role will give you vital skills and experience in being an effective campaigner and influencing those who hold the power, right here in your own community.  Constituency campaigners, often working with others, play a vital role in demonstrating constituency support for the rights of people living in poverty around the world. 

After a visit from Oxfam supporters one influential local MP told Parliament that:

Their representations were a great encouragement. I do not have to choose between being an advocate for some of the most climate-vulnerable people in the poorest countries and representing my constituents, because the former is exactly what my constituents want me to do.

You will be a key Oxfam contact for political campaigning in your constituency, working to build a relationship with your local MP and persuading them to act in support of Oxfam's issues.

As a volunteer, you can give as much or as little time to this role as you are able, but 1-2 hours a week is a rough estimate. You will be given a day of induction training and invited to additional training sessions which will help build your skills as an effective political campaigner. You will have the opportunity to learn from Oxfam staff and other programme participants. 

Right now, Oxfam is calling for political action around a number of vital issues including climate change and inequality, tax, and food justice. You will become an important part of these vital campaigns for peace, justice and lasting change.


Members of Parliament, Members of the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly Members are all people we can lobby to get support for our campaigns.  You can write to them, email them, contact them through social media or meet with them to get your views across.  The Constituency Campaigner Programme provides activists with the training and support they need to be effective at lobbying their elected representatives. Check out our How To guides for help and advice:

How to Meet with your MP (PDF 143 KB)
How to Write to your MP (PDF 128 KB)
How to be creative (PDF 140 KB)
Jargon Buster (PDF 140 KB)