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Local groups of Oxfam campaigners are located all around the country.  They bring together like minded people who want to take action locally to tackle poverty.  Most groups meet monthly to discuss campaigns and plan local activities such as campaign stalls, displays and events.

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Campaign on campus

If you're at University, why not join other students to campaign and help tackle poverty? Campaigning is fun and we encourage you to come up with your own ideas for campaigning activities. Being part of an Oxfam Society will give you a new set of skills and add an exciting dimension to your CV.

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Get ready, get set, lobby your MP!

If you're interested in lobbying your MP, then the Constituency Campaigner Programme is the perfect fit for you. You'll be invited to training sessions and political events which will develop your influencing skills and make you an effective political campaigner.

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Be an ambassador

If you don't want to join a group but still want to campaign with us, then the Ambassador Programme is for you. We'll provide you with information and resources to campaign in convenient ways and times, and on the issues that you care most about!

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