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Campaigning made easy - People Power

Posted by Abby Mason Communications Planning and Data Manager

26th Jul 2012

No one said changing the world was going to be a doddle. But making a real difference by exerting some 'people power' can be surprisingly easy… and effective. 

Collectively, Oxfam supporters' actions have changed government policies, made medicines freely available, opened up education to the poorest communities, and made decision-makers think again about everything from fair trade to climate change.

Campaigning about global issues isn't difficult. Honestly. If you've joined the GROW campaign or signed up to our 'food power' push at a festival over the summer, and spread the 'food for all' message to your friends and family - then, hey presto! You've already set your campaigning ball rolling.

And there are masses of things you can do from signing a petition to taking to the streets around Parliament dressed as Angela Merkel or a polar bear (and we'd be happy to help if you feel so inclined…) Here are a few suggestions:

Take an online action
Adding you name to an action might seem quick and simple, but it can be really effective. When we all come together people listen.

Write to your MP
You voted them in so they have to listen to you. Just drop them an email and they will normally get back to you within a couple of weeks to let you know what they've done in response to your email.

Spread the word
Sharing actions and information online can highlight issues and make people think - and for some people just knowing there's an issue you care about will encourage them to act.

Be creative
Whatever you like doing, why not put a campaigning slant on it? People have raised awareness of various issues amongst friends, family and the public by connecting them with interests as varied as:




Tank driving?

Let's not forget the social side of things. Campaigning can also be real fun, and an opportunity to get together with a bunch of like-minded people. It's also a chance to pick up some new skills.

And we're here for you with any advice, support or helpful hints you may need to take your campaigning experience up a gear.

If you want to get involved locally either download our guides or contact your local campaigns staff member:

Blog post written by Abby Mason

Communications Planning and Data Manager

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