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10 amazing things #IF campaigners have achieved

Posted by Rachel George Digital Campaigns Manager

27th Mar 2013

IF campaigners dress up as George Osborne

10. Tweeted all about it! 

When we launched a Thunderclap, IF reached more than 300,000 tweeters – and that’s not counting the everyday #IF tweets which ordinary folk – and some rather more high profile types – wrote. 

9. Met with more than 200 MPs 

Yep, in 208 constituencies across the UK groups of intrepid IF supporters talked to their MP about the campaign, and asked them to take the issue of hunger and malnutrition to the Treasury.

Bath MP Don Foster meets IF campaigners

8. Chatted on the bus, in the pub, on the sofa...

We can’t know how many campaigners talked about IF to their friends and family, but we know it’s a huge number. We couldn’t buy the publicity you’ve brought us in your homes and communities, and we thank you so much. We got a few famous faces to help out, too. 

Tamsin Greig discusses IF

7. Sent 1241 handwritten letters 

When was the last time you wrote a letter by hand? Well, if you’re an IF campaigner, it might have been just a few weeks ago! How do we know how many letters were sent? Because the Treasury confirmed with us that they’d received and read them. 

6. Spread the positive aid message 

IF supporters refused to let the negative commentary on aid dominate the discussion. They worked hard (in some very creative ways!) to share how little we really spend on aid - now just 70 pence in every £100 of Gross National Income - yet also how much of a difference this aid can make. 

Welsh IF supporters... can you tell?

5. Spoke out to the media

IF supporters come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the most well known is Microsoft’s Bill Gates. He’s famous for his philanthropic work across the globe, but he took time out to write about how British aid is “leading the world”. 

Bill Gates in the Daily Mail

4. Sent 52,000+ emails... and got 575 MPs and Lords on the case! 

We asked you to email your MP to tell them that the global hunger crisis was something you cared deeply about – and that you wanted our government to take action. As a result an enormous 575 MPs or Lords took up the cause with the Chancellor George Osborne. Democracy in action! 

3. #SpotTheGeorge takes over Parliament Square... and twitter! 

The day before the budget, 500 campaigners and activists channelled Doctor Who’s Autons - remember them? - and dressed up to spell out a giant IF on Parliament Square! Newspapers, TV and the online community loved it and #SpotTheGeorge trended on Twitter as commuters snapped our Georges out and about in Westminster. All to remind George Osborne that he could help the world’s poorest, IF... 

500 George Osbornes!

2. The British government agreed to raise the budget for international aid to 0.7% 

This is the “gold standard” of international aid provision, and the UK is the first G8 nation ever to have reached it. That says it all. 

Oxfam's 0.7% cake!

1. Hope 

In the midst of the economic crisis – and, let’s face it, a pretty miserable spring! – IF campaigners have changed the story. People power, both old fashioned activism and online mobilisation, have written history and given millions hope for the future. Thank you. 

Want to be an IF campaigner? 

There’s plenty still to campaign on – we’re now focussing on the G8, which is going to be held in the UK this June. There, world leaders from the eight richest countries will discuss hunger and poverty, and we want big decisions which will save lives. So join us.

Blog post written by Rachel George

Digital Campaigns Manager

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Rachel George