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Levenshulme Pupils Help Pakistan

Posted by Robin Foxon Media Officer - North of England

8th May 2013

We're always interested to hear about campaigners and their passion for helping others around the world.

An inspiring story I heard about recently is that pupils at Levenshulme High School, Manchester, have formed The Wish Foundation Trust in association with Oxfam. The group are managing to do all of this while sitting their GCSEs!

The pupils wanted to act when they heard about the situation for young girls and women in rural areas of Pakistan, where only a third of women have ever been to school. Buildings are often crumbling, there is a lack of sanitation and teaching methods and materials are often out of date.

Not having an education gives women a serious disadvantage. Parents are often reluctant to send daughters to school and having poor facilities does not help. The literacy rate for women is only 45%, only 2% of girls go to high school and 17% of schools have no buildings.

Not being able to read and write means being dependent on a husband as women have no chance to earn a living independently. This inequality also means that women are more vulnerable to domestic violence from men within the family.

The Oxfam project aims to renovate and build 7 model primary schools to withstand future flooding and install boundary walls and toilets which will encourage girl's enrolment. The district government will then be encouraged to replicate these designs for a further 290 schools.

650 teachers and 36 education officials will be trained so that schools can be run successfully by communities rather than Oxfam. 300 schools will receive up-to-date learning materials and a national educational campaign will be launched seeing the set up of 600 child clubs.

The Wish Foundation group are busy organising events in their area to raise money for the project and promote their message to local press.


 To find out how to support Oxfam's work in Pakistan follow this link:

Blog post written by Robin Foxon

Media Officer - North of England

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