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Helen Turner

Oxfam Media Officer in the North

All posts by Helen Turner

When the Big IF came to town

Did you see the Big IF's flying visit to Manchester? As part of the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign we decided to spread the word far and (very) high. ...

Family Life Below the Line: "It's been tougher than I imagined"

As many Live Below the Line participants have found over the last few days, living on £1 a day is certainly a challenge. But how hard is it when you are a family of four on a £4 a day budget? Activism...

To Trend or not to Trend: How to Influence your MP

Do you want to influence your MP? Public Affairs Assistant Ali Sameer reveals the best way to get your voice heard: ...

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What the Budget and Finance Bill means for the IF Campaign

The core issues of the IF Campaign are Land, Aid, Tax and Transparency. From the Budget, campaigners could expect results on the latter three. By Dan Mackenzie. ...