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Climate Change Policy Adviser


Kiri Hanks is climate change policy adviser for Oxfam GB.

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"Climate change is one of the most serious threats facing our world" - David Cameron, 2014

We are drawing the line here. A look back on the 2014 climate summit

Efforts to tackle climate change through the international talks have been going on for an epic 22 years - and so many of the people who follow them have by now developed tough skins after years...

General Mills has the makings of a climate leader thanks to your campaigning

After two months of campaigning we're thrilled to announce that General Mills - once ranked last on climate change policies on our Behind the Brands scorecard - has committed to setting targets...

Farmer Virginia Ñuñonca Ccallo, 54, and her daughter Elian, 11, with some of their lambs and sheep.

For the love of our Climate Act, thank you Cameron and Clegg

Charities, businesses, trade unions, investors and faith groups all breathed a sigh of relief yesterday, as the Government announced that the fourth carbon budget was safe. The fourth...