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Campaigners call for developing countries to have an equal say on global tax rules (Oxfam/ActionAid, 2015)

What's the UK’s role in fixing the broken international tax system?

The global tax system is broken. Multinational corporations are taking advantage of rigged global tax rules to avoid paying their fair share, while ordinary citizens and small businesses in rich...

Time for change: UN Security Council demands humanitarian access across Syria

"This resolution should not have been necessary", UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon told the 15 member states of the UN Security Council on their unanimous adoption of a resolution demanding...

Somali campaigners outside Barclays HQ in London

Somali campaigners call for Barclays back-pedal

I was on my bike very early this morning to join a group of Somali campaigners who are calling on Barclays to keep open the cash lifeline to Somalia. ...

Campaigners at Glastonbury

Today we're handing in 50,000 Love Syria signatures

On 9 October, a 50,000-strong petition will be handed in to the UK government -- with signatures from festival goers from across the country asking for more aid to Syria, and for government to push...