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Subject: economics

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Today is a victory for tax openness and fair play

Each year the poorest countries in the world lose out on $100 billion of vital funds because companies use tax havens to avoid paying their fair share. We believe it's a scandal and a form of...

David Cameron

The Panama Papers show we need to act on tax havens now

It's been hard to miss the Panama Papers this week. History's biggest data leak shows the super-rich and multinational corporations exploiting secretive offshore tax havens on a quite extraordinary...

Enough is enough: it's time to end tax havens

Something big is happening today: A select committee of MPs are launching an inquiry into the UK's corporate tax system in the wake of recent headlines about the agreement...

altogetherfool / Flickr

10 Reasons why an intergovernmental UN tax body will benefit everyone

It's time to rewrite the rules on tax dodging. It's yet another story of global inequality: rich countries like the UK make the rules, rich corporations and individuals take advantage...

Access to Work and Enterprise end of project blog

Adios and diolch Antonina!

Oxfam Cymru's Access to Work and Enterprise Project started three years ago with none other than Antonina Mendola at the helm. Antonina had previously spent twenty six years working on poverty...

Get trained to tackle tax dodging

Corporate tax dodging is a massive issue. Every year the UK misses out on billions of pounds, and developing countries lose a whopping estimated $160 billion a year. The money lost to tax...

Panning for gold in Australia

Super rich getting richer at a rate of knots, says Forbes magazine

What's the difference between 85 and 67? One year, according to Forbes. Because with newly calculated figures available for 2014 it appears that now just 67 people own the same wealth as the...

Bill Nighy, Andrew Lincoln and the cast of Future News

The Robin Hood Tax campaign presents... Future News featuring Andrew Lincoln, Bill Nighy and their fellow stars from 'Love Actually' and 'Harry Potter'

Following the devastating financial crisis it's been great to see banks winning back hearts and minds by helping those who were hit the hardest, embracing tough new regulations, and slashing...

Tax Haven campaigning is fun

Tax justice campaigning in 2013

Why campaign on tax?  At a conservative estimate, tax havens contribute to revenue losses for developing countries of at least US$50 billion per year. To put this figure in context, it...

Campaiging on tax as part of the IF coalition at the G8

The beginning of the end of tax secrecy?

With the weather now firmly autumnal, it might seem like a long time has passed since David Cameron and the other G8 leaders stood on the banks of Loch Erne and pledged to work on tax dodging. But in reality...

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