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Be Outraged: Austerity isn't working

A new Oxfam supported book, Be Outraged: Austerity isn't working, is looking at alternatives to current European austerity drive. ...

ATT banana: Tweet me, then eat me

Arms Trade Treaty campaign - bananas outside the box

When you spend most of your day sitting in an office, eyes fixed on the computer screen, or stuck in the library trying to understand your essay question (let alone answer it), it can be difficult...

This wonderful video shows we can tackle climate change

Ever thought that climate change was too big to tackle? That small personal changes you make don't make much difference? Watch this great animation, and know that EVERY small change makes...

Taking action? Tweet us a photo! @OxfamLondonSE #Armstreaty

How you can use a banana to control the arms trade

In 2006, you persuaded 153 governments to begin work on a global Arms Trade Treaty. But the job is not done and there is a real danger that governments agree a treaty that is too weak. We need your...

Left behind by the G20: It's time to tackle inequality

Are poor people being left behind by the G20? Ian Sullivan takes a look at a new Oxfam report tackling this issue. ...

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