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One of Stern's recreations draws upon armed violence as a central theme.

Iconic images by Bristol’s Banksy recreated for control arm campaign.

Iconic images of graffiti artist Banksy have been recreated using real life lookalikes to support the control arms campaign. The campaign which is supported by Oxfam as well as Amnesty International...

London Oxfam and Amnesty campaigners drive an Abbot gun tank around London to highlight the need for a robust global Arms Trade Treaty.

World leaders must hit Arms Trade Treaty targets in order to save lives.

A failure to deliver a comprehensive ATT will result in many more millions of civilians being killed, injured, raped and forced to flee their homes. This trade in death must be regulated. ...

Scottish dad takes Arms Trade Treaty campaign to the United Nations

David Grimason has today announced he will take his campaign for a strong Arms Trade Treaty to the United Nations during the final talks in New York. Mr Grimason's son Alistair was two-years-old...

This wonderful video shows we can tackle climate change

Ever thought that climate change was too big to tackle? That small personal changes you make don't make much difference? Watch this great animation, and know that EVERY small change makes...

The importance of water

Over the next week people around the world will be walking for water. Here's why I think it matters. ...

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