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Subject: poverty in the uk

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When even Middle England sees demand quadruple: An everyday food bank story

I thought of my own sad little middle class story of financial desperation. My first job in advertising and I was having to say no to a small portion of processed cheese in a grisly Southampton market....


Why ending the global tax dodge matters

May 2015 is an exciting chance for us all to believe in democracy again.  That sounds sarcastic but I really do like to indulge in the belief that our elected representatives, whoever they may...

Tracy had to turn to a foodbank for the first time earlier this year.

Inequality on our doorstep

Recently, the Sunday Times published its annual Rich List. The list is a celebration of wealth in the UK, but one thing it doesn't mention is that while the incomes of the super rich are growing...

The Houses of Parliament

What's still wrong with the Government's Lobbying Bill?

It's a critical time for the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill - or the Gagging Law, as campaigners have come to call it. The Bill...

Is it about time we stopped attacking the welfare state?

Is it about time we stopped attacking the welfare state?

Even though a recent survey has shown that attitudes towards people on benefits might be softening, the stigma of living in poverty is very much alive. Just last week, at the Liberal Democrats conference,...

Cheetham Hill Advice Centre – helping people get back on their feet every day

Earlier this week, when the Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer QC announced that benefit fraudsters could face up to ten years in jail for their crime, he also reminded us of what benefits...

Campaigners ask G8 leaders to put an end to tax dodging

'The UK Gold' in Manchester

The UK Gold is being screened across the country- and it will be shown in Manchester on the opening day of the Conservative Party Conference. Find out more here:  ...

The Houses of Parliament

What’s wrong with the Government’s Lobbying Bill?

UPDATE: 5 September 2013 Despite opposition from the Electoral Commission, charities, thinktanks, unions and others, the Bill was narrowly voted through in Parliament on Tuesday, meaning that...

Jossie Katayama

Highlights from a week with the UK Poverty team

Jossie Katayama recently spent a week in Oxfam House, getting work experience with our UK Poverty team. Once she had completed her week in the office, she decided to write about her time here and...

Citizens Advice Bureau: showing things aren't working as they should

Citizens Advice Bureau: showing things aren't working as they should

Jossie Katayama recently spent a week with us at Oxfam, getting work experience with our team. One of the things she did was visit the Citizens Advice Bureau in Oxford, one of our partners. These...

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