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Subject: volunteering

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Campaigning can change your life

A year ago I hated my job - 5 days sweating over a keyboard left me depressed and unable to enjoy my weekends.  I spent my evenings shouting at the television. Was I the only one who thought...

Oxfam volunteers

Changing the perceptions of volunteering

In this guest blog, Huffington Post blogger Liam Beattie describes the benefits of volunteering for Oxfam. You can follow him on Twitter here: @Liam_Beattie. This year, 1-7 June saw the...

Constituency Campaigners induction day

Our Constituency Campaigner Programme aims to give you the knowledge, tools and support to make sure your voice is heard and has influence at the highest level. This voluntary role will give...

Volunteers Making it Happen in Birmingham

Oxfam Make it Happen in the community

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."  American author Helen Keller's quote summarises the atmosphere at the Oxfam Make it Happen summit which brought together...

Your passion and talents can be the difference

Constituency Campaigners Recruitment

Are you passionate about politics and international development? Always dreamed of becoming a grassroots lobbyist? Do you want to gain invaluable skills in political influencing and help Oxfam change...

Kelly Paes

Meet Kelly- our new Activism Coordinator in the North

Kelly Paes has just joined the team here at Oxfam in Manchester - she is our new community and activism coordinator in the North of England. Find out what Kelly thinks of her first few weeks - and...

Campaigners making their voice heard at Liberal Democrats Party Conference

Join the movement for change and become a constituency campaigner

The vote in Parliament last week on military intervention in Syria showed us how powerful the British Parliament can be and what a difference just one vote can make to  political decisions...

Show your Love for Syria at Ramsbottom Festival

The festival season is winding down- but Ramsbottom Festival is fast approaching and we need your help to make it extra special for Syria: find out here from our Kristie Thacker how.  ...

Jossie Katayama

Highlights from a week with the UK Poverty team

Jossie Katayama recently spent a week in Oxfam House, getting work experience with our UK Poverty team. Once she had completed her week in the office, she decided to write about her time here and...

Bridgette at parliamentary land grab stunt

Looking for Campaigners

Oxfam in the North of England is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join their Constituency Campaigner Programme ...

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