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Fake tombstones are placed along the East River by members of the Control Arms Coalition to coincide with a diplomatic conference on the future Arms Trade Treaty in New York.  They are calling on the over 190 countries present to agree a strong global agreement that will bring the arms trade under control. July 24, 2012.  Andrew Kelly

Two days left to make a strong treaty

by Lisa Rutherford, UK Campaigns Manager, Oxfam GB in New York City ...

Anna Macdonald, Paul Conroy and Olly Sprague with the Control Arms tank

First reaction to the draft Arms Trade Treaty

Yesterday in New York the first draft of the Arms Trade Treaty finally arrived. Unfortunately, while there were some points to celebrate, the text reflected the compromises and blocks which some...

Foreign Secretary William Hague

Just days left to secure a strong Arms Trade Treaty

by Lisa Rutherford, UK Campaigns Manager, Oxfam GB in New York City Email the UK government now to demand a bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty >  ...

Why We Need An Arms Trade Treaty

Like many people in the UK, I am fortunate enough to have lived a sheltered childhood and to have had a loving family who have always been there to support me.  I grew up thinking that that...

Campaigning women in black with the Norwegian delegation

Strong women for a strong ATT

Each day, thousands of women face the brutal reality of violence which is exacerbated by the unregulated trade in small arms and light weapons.  Yesterday, Control Arms coalition members made...

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, calls for a robust Arms Trade Treaty

In a passionate appeal to governments negotiating an Arms Trade Treaty at the United Nations until the 27th July, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia called on them to "make history in...

London Oxfam and Amnesty campaigners drive an Abbot gun tank around London to highlight the need for a robust global Arms Trade Treaty.

World leaders must hit Arms Trade Treaty targets in order to save lives.

A failure to deliver a comprehensive ATT will result in many more millions of civilians being killed, injured, raped and forced to flee their homes. This trade in death must be regulated. ...

Photographer recreates Banksy images in call for tighter controls on the arms trade

See Banky's original image Pictures released as negotiations for a new Arms Trade Treaty unfold in New York Iconic artwork by graffiti artist Banksy has come to life to support...

Victor Amisi

A life devoted to demobilizing child soldiers

by Justine Lesage in New York City. Originally posted on the Control Arms blog. Victor Amisi (below) is in New York, attending the UN Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty, to explain his daily...

Ban Ki-moon accepts the Control Arms petition

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon accepts Control Arms petition

On 3rd July 2012 members of the Control Arms Coalition met with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in a handover ceremony of the 600,000+ signature Control Arms petition. ...

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