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Sugar inspectors from Bootham School in York (the historic home of Nestle!)

Today Bootham School in the city of York - the historic home of giant Nestle- is the first school in the country to show its support for Stop the Sugar Rush as part of Behind...

Volunteers Making it Happen in Birmingham

Oxfam Make it Happen in the community

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."  American author Helen Keller's quote summarises the atmosphere at the Oxfam Make it Happen summit which brought together...

Tying up sugar cane at market

The countdown begins: 5 days until launch

On Wednesday 2nd October we're launching the next phase of Behind the Brands! The details are top-secret, but this exclusive teaser video gives a sneak preview of the campaign to come.  ...

Your passion and talents can be the difference

Constituency Campaigners Recruitment

Are you passionate about politics and international development? Always dreamed of becoming a grassroots lobbyist? Do you want to gain invaluable skills in political influencing and help Oxfam change...

Campaigners ask G8 leaders to put an end to tax dodging

'The UK Gold' in Manchester

The UK Gold is being screened across the country- and it will be shown in Manchester on the opening day of the Conservative Party Conference. Find out more here:  ...

What do Oxfam's Constituency Campaigners do?

As someone who has always been interested in the good work that Oxfam does, but unsure of how I could help, when I heard about the Constituency Campaigner programme I felt like I had been given the...

Manchester is asking for peace for Syria

Sitting in the Imperial War Museum North last Wednesday evening, surrounded by exhibits and memorabilia from former world wars I couldn't help but wonder if we were on the brink of another. ...

Liqaa' with her newborn daughter Limar

"Help us to go back to our country, to our life, to our future."

As the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) announces today that the number of registered refugees fleeing Syria has reached 2 million, we bring you some happier news about our friend...

The Houses of Parliament

What’s wrong with the Government’s Lobbying Bill?

UPDATE: 5 September 2013 Despite opposition from the Electoral Commission, charities, thinktanks, unions and others, the Bill was narrowly voted through in Parliament on Tuesday, meaning that...

Campaigners making their voice heard at Liberal Democrats Party Conference

Join the movement for change and become a constituency campaigner

The vote in Parliament last week on military intervention in Syria showed us how powerful the British Parliament can be and what a difference just one vote can make to  political decisions...

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