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What it's like to campaign with Oxfam

I've never really thought of myself as a political activist (and still don't!) but I have always felt a strong moral obligation to speak out against injustice and to help unheard...

The truth Behind the Brands

5 positive steps to tackling climate change

Today we're celebrating yet another win in the fight against climate change: food giant Kellogg have committed to reducing their emissions and taken bold steps to tackle climate change, thanks...

General Mills has the makings of a climate leader thanks to your campaigning

After two months of campaigning we're thrilled to announce that General Mills - once ranked last on climate change policies on our Behind the Brands scorecard - has committed to setting targets...

How your campaigning support helps Oxfams UK Poverty work

Our recent Below the Breadline report and the subsequent debates that it triggered online and in the media drew a lot of attention to the work that Oxfam does on poverty in the UK. Importantly, it...

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