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Giants, llamas, internships and many other ways you can make an Olympic sized difference with Oxfam in the north of England in August

Posted by Nicola Sansom Activism and Community Campiagner

1st Aug 2012

Olympic fever has come to town and if you're feeling inspired to take on new challenges then look no further:

Read on for actions you can take to make a difference, a round-up of exciting upcoming events, volunteering opportunities and a zillion other ways to get involved in the fight against global poverty in the north of England.

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Remember to write in and let us know what you're up to or just to find out more ways of getting involved!

Also fantastic news just announced today: today, France introduces a Financial Transaction Tax, with a proportion of the money raised to go towards combating AIDS. This is the first step for a group of European countries pushing for a Robin Hood Tax.

Blog post written by Nicola Sansom

Activism and Community Campiagner

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