Our campaigns

Positive action by Oxfam supporters has driven lasting change on a huge range of issues.

From the G8 to your local campaigns group, we've worked to reform the cost of vital medicines, negotiate an Arms Trade Treaty at the UN, support small-scale farmers to defend their land rights and propel the international community to demand peaceful negotiations in conflicts around the world.

Campaigning for change isn't easy or simple, but join us and you join a powerful network of people lifting lives for good worldwide.

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Our current campaigns

Food and climate change

The world has been slowly but steadily winning the fight against hunger. Now we must protect these gains against the threat of climate change.

Climate change

Inequality and poverty

Globally, the gap between the poorest and those with extreme wealth is growing, affecting everything from political power to public services to development.


Conflict and emergencies

In situations of conflict, or when an emergency strikes, it's vital to support poor people to rebuild their lives and stand up for their rights.


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Fighting injustice takes patience, commitment and persistence, but our campaigners are more than up to the challenge.