Festivals round-up and Syria update

The festival season may be over for another year, but the conflict in Syria goes on. Some two million people have now fled the country - half are children. And there are 200,000 new refugees each month.

But thanks to people like you showing your support for Syria over the summer, we collected 48,000 signatures for our Love Syria petition, and hundreds of heart snaps for our photo mosaic. Both will form focal points at our petition hand-in this October.

Our 'Love Syria' photo-mosaic features thousands of festival goers and will be used to influence UK politicians to push for a ceasefire.

What happens next?

Festival season is over. We've handed in our 48,000 strong petition to the Foreign Office.What next?

Firstly, we'll continue to campaign. Whilst there has been some great progress, which you can read about in our blog, our focus is still on the need for an immediate ceasefire and a peaceful, diplomatic end to this deadly conflict.

Peace talks haven't yet happened and we need to make sure they are given the best possible chance of success. Leaders must ensure that non-military voices are represented and that they do not undermine any peace process by transferring further arms into the conflict.

We'll also continue to work hard at getting emergency relief to as many people as we can.

Photo gallery: Love Syria as festivals

Watch our Love Syria video

About festival campaigning

Campaigning with Oxfam at festivals is a really fun way to volunteer, but it also means hard work and commitment.

Festival campaigners will need to:

  • attend a training session

  • commit to the full festival onsite dates (the festival dates plus an additional day before and after) 

  • work four shifts of 6 hours at each festival

Read more in our festival campaigners pack (PDF, 480KB)


Campaigning for Oxfam at a festival offers a lot of benefits for you: 

  • Fun - it's a great way to meet like-minded people and experience festivals in a new way. Many return year after year to campaign with us.

  • Training and experience - you'll get specialised campaigning training and the chance to spend your summer talking about global issues with other music lovers.

  • Support and opportunities - volunteers will receive support and information from their local campaigns office, with opportunities to take part in other campaigning activities (e.g. at local gigs).

  • Free entry to the festival. This is on receipt of a deposit, which will be returned providing you fulfil all your responsibilities.

  • Meal vouchers and - at some festivals - hot showers. Need we say more.

Contact us

By email:
By phone: 0300 200 1300 (lines are open during office hours)
By post: (Please only use this if you need to send us documents, as email or phone are quicker ways of contacting us)

Festivals Co-ordinator
Public Engagement Team
Oxfam House
John Smith Drive

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