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Stewarding Logistics Teams Are Go!

Posted by Leigh Bazan Stewarding Coordinator at Oxfam

8th Jul 2012

Stewarding Logistics Team Lead

Today was a good day for Oxfam stewarding, seeing the culmination of over 5 months of planning as our first fully staffed logistics team hit the road at midday destined for Latitude!

We took the opportunity to firm up our entire logistics operation as part of our strategic planning over the winter, and the project was duly handed to me, which secretly (with my love of all things logisticy and large scale) I was happy with!

With the sterling help of Matt, our 2012 logistics intern (who interned in our humanitarian warehouse in Bicester last summer) we now have a dedicated stock controller at HQ who ensures all stock is ordered in a timely manner, monitored, signed out ready to dispatch to each festival and checked back in at the end of each festival. 

We have also recruited a dedicated team of volunteers who, after completing a full day of training yesterday in Bristol, will be volunteering their time across the season by loading, driving, setting up the fields and offices on site at each festival which enables us as stewarding coordinators to spend more time running our stewarding operation on site.

Having a formalised logistics strategy also aids us to expand in the future and enables us to save costs for example by ordering in goods in a timely manner and in bulk, and ensuring all stock comes back from sites protected and in a good condition into our Stewarding Logistics Hub in Bristol.

So that's how it all works, the reasons we've introduced the new strategy, and should explain why we're talking lots about logistics this year!  I've just received a phone call from the logistics team at Latitude saying they have arrived safely and all is looking good.  We can't wait to hear back on how they go and continue to improve the strategy throughout the rest of the season - look out for more updates on how the logistics team gets on over the summer right here on our brand new blog!

If you're interested in being part of our logistics team we are still looking for logistics team members for the bank holiday weekend and beyond

Volunteers Adrian Jones & Matt Walsh, logistics team members starting their Latitude assignment earlier today.

Blog post written by Leigh Bazan

Stewarding Coordinator at Oxfam

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