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Emergency fundraising

At any one time Oxfam is responding to around 25 emergencies worldwide. Fundraising for our emergency work will help save lives.

Our emergency aid includes targeted food distribution, providing clean water and sanitation, as well as cash for food, health promotion, animal health support and disaster risk reduction. It's life-saving work. And we wouldn't be able to do it without people getting together and fundraising for us.

Find out where Oxfam is responding to emergencies now. 


What can I do?

Organise your own fundraising activities

Get your friends, family and colleagues together to raise money for emergencies. Just £50 raised by a cake sale could feed a family of six in Somalia for two weeks. In fact, whatever the fundraising activity the outcome remains the same - you'll save lives.

Get inspired with our emergency fundraising ideas

Download or order your emergency fundraising pack

Collecting for an emergency

If you are interested in organising or taking part in a collection for an emergency, please get in contact with your local Regional Fundraising Manager and they can provide you with the necessary paperwork, advice, support and materials you need.

Set up an online Oxfam fundraising page

It's easy to raise money for Oxfam and our Emergency Appeals online. Get your friends and family to sponsor you in a matter of minutes. Make sure to share your page on Facebook and Twitter and email it to as many people as money. Let people know that their donations can make a real difference to our work and change lives.

Set up an Oxfam fundraising page

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