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Primary School Assembly is land grabbed

Posted by John McLaverty Education and Youth Advisor

26th Jan 2012

On Friday 20 January the Burntwood School Youth Action Group visited Earlsfield Primary school to present an assembly to Year 4 about the global food crisis. Brianna, a member of the Burntwood YAG, explains how the group wanted to encourage even young children to make a difference.

We tested how well we got our message across by having a quiz at the end of the assembly and the presentation was made more engaging by including role plays to show the children how serious problems such as land grabs and rising food prices actually are.

We also did an interactive activity which showed the year 4 children how unfair trade is. They recognised that this was because the farmers who did the most work received the least money and the people who worked least received the most. The children were very responsive and they definitely agreed with us that this is unfair and a serious issue around the world.

We asked the students how they could help and we got some very good answers. One boy said that the next time he went to the shop to buy some chocolate he would make sure it had the Fair Trade symbol on it.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the primary school and we feel that we have definitely done a great job at spreading awareness. It was interesting that the children had all heard of Fair Trade but that none of them had heard of land grabs before. We are hoping in the future to visit some other schools to help change children's perceptions. We really hope that what we have begun as something small here will expand to make a significant difference in the way trade and farming works.

To do this we're going to write to our MP with some photos of the assembly and ask him to raise the issues covered by the assembly in parliament. This way we really hope to make a difference!

Brianna, Burntwood School

Blog post written by John McLaverty

Education and Youth Advisor

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