Young Campaigners Teach a Lesson on Land Grabs

Posted by Hayley Cutting Education and Youth Campaigns Assistant

28th Jan 2013

Sixth Form Oxfam campaigners at The Lady Eleanor Holles School in Hampton were given the opportunity to teach a PSHE lesson to four different Year 8 tutor groups over a number of weeks.  Megan Ritchie reports.

We decided to dedicate the lessons to raising awareness among the students about land grabs. It was important that the lessons were engaging as well as informative, so we decided to start the lesson by "land grabbing" the tutor group's classroom.

Kitted out in high visibility jackets and hard hats we strode into their classroom at the end of lunch to inform the girls that we were simply taking their room. The girls were forced to leave all of their belongings and were directed to an alternative classroom. Although some of the different tutor groups were quieter than others, the girls were all shocked at the dramatic start to the lesson and a little disgruntled at the inconvenient room change they had been forced to make.

Once the girls had settled, we explained why we had made them move, informing them that we had been trying to simulate our own mini land grab so the girls could get a tiny feel of what it would be like if you were actually forced from your home.

We focused the lesson on telling the girls exactly what a land grab was and why it was happening. We also expressed our belief that unfair land deals, often violently forcing families off their own land and leaving them with no means of growing the essential food they need, had to be stopped.

We stressed that this was imperative and asked the girls to write their own individual messages about their thoughts on this issue.

It is our aim to collate all of the girls' messages together, which will total around 100, and send them to our local MP Vince Cable, expressing our desire for him to talk to Justine Greening on this matter. She can use her influential position on the board of the World Bank to put a freeze on these unjust land deals.

After all four lessons we were all very happy with how they had been delivered. At the end of each lesson we quizzed the girls and were pleased to see that they had remembered lots of vital information about land grabs.

Our petition to Vince Cable is well underway and we feel that this will help to achieve the freeze on land grabs that we all desperately desire.

Blog post written by Hayley Cutting

Education and Youth Campaigns Assistant

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