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Land Grab at Berkhamsted School

Posted by Christina Bryan Education & Youth Campaigns Assistant, London & South East

5th Mar 2013

We are members of the Berkhamsted School Oxfam group. There are 17 girls in our Youth Action Group aged between 12 - 15 years and we meet regularly once a week. Recently we have been trying to raise awareness within our school about land grabs. We really enjoyed learning about the cause so we decided that we would take it a step further and hold our own land grab.

We put up posters and then presented an assembly to the school explaining what land grabs are and how they affect the people that are victims. We also mentioned that we would be holding our own land grab, but without specifying a date, adding a true-to-life element of surprise. We decided to set it in one of the most central areas in the school, so lots of people would be able to see it.

On the day of our land grab, we gathered at break time in the Quad, which is overlooked by a lot of the school. Half of us sat on the grass area that was going to be 'grabbed', whilst the other half donned the high-vis jackets and hard hats that Oxfam had kindly sent us. We loved doing the grab and hope it inspired others to do the same and raised awareness of the issue.

Sophie Beard, Lucy Crawley and Olivia Currie (Year 9, Berkhamsted School)

Blog post written by Christina Bryan

Education & Youth Campaigns Assistant, London & South East

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