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Oxfam's response to UN Syria appeal

7th Jun 2013

International agency Oxfam urged governments to fund generously the UN's appeal for the Syrian crisis both for work within Syria and for work in neighbouring countries sheltering refugees. 

"We are witnessing the daily human wreckage of a country tearing itself apart. Our common humanity implores us to respond to the suffering of millions of Syrians caught up in an unremitting tragedy. Even in harsh economic times there can be no excuses for governments to shirk from their duty to dig deep and generously fund the aid effort. They cannot look the other way. This is the world's most pressing humanitarian crisis. The scale is staggering and getting worse. Syria's people have suffered enough, they cannot be allowed to pay the price of the world's failure to match their need," said Jane Cocking, Humanitarian Director, Oxfam. 

Notes to editors: 
Oxfam is working in Syria through local organisations and working in Lebanon and Jordan helping Syrian refugees. The organisation has so far helped some 60,000 Syrians and has plans to help 650,000 but is desperately short of funds. Its planned work will cost £34m ($53m) but has so far only managed to raise £10m ($16m).