Jon Slater

Head of News

Jon Slater is Oxfam's Head of News. He was previously the Senior Press Officer for Essential Services leading on health and education for all, overseas aid and the effect of the economic crisis on poor people. Jon joined Oxfam in September 2008 after more than a decade working as a national print journalist, press officer for other development NGOs and political adviser.

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PM an 'example to other leaders' on aid - Oxfam

Responding to the Prime Minister's pledge that Britain will keep its aid promises and his call for other countries to do the same Barbara Stocking Oxfam Chief Executive, said:  "David...

Appointment of next World Bank head – campaigners demand fair selection process

Reacting to the announcement that Robert Zoellick is stepping down as World Bank President, a global coalition of campaigners has called for an open and merit based process to elect the next World...

Inequality rises across the G20 as economic growth fails to trickle down to poorest - Oxfam

Inequality has increased in 14 of 18 G20 countries since 1990 as economic growth has too often failed to benefit poor people, according to new figures in a report  published by Oxfam...