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Date: Apr 2012

15 Articles

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Mum-of-two is star of new Oxfam campaign

Oxfam launches major new fundraising campaign to show supporters how their donations are spent 16 April: Oxfam has today launched its groundbreaking new fundraising campaign...

Award winning photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg’s night photographs at London’s OXO Tower Wharf

Kenyan villagers caught in moonlight are the subject of a new exhibition, free to the public, by Sony's 2011 World Photographer of the year, Alejandro Chaskielberg, In this new collection...

Oxfam response to FAO Food Price Index released today

Oxfam's food policy adviser Thierry Kesteloot said: "Despite the seemingly perfect combination of record harvests, supply exceeding demand and replenished world food stocks, food...

Oxfam warns sanctions could be tipping point as people in Mali face triple food, security and political crisis

International agency Oxfam today warned that sanctions imposed on Mali could have devastating consequences on 3.5m people already at risk of hunger, if humanitarian needs are not safeguarded. The...

First global aid cut in 14 years will cost lives

Hundreds of thousands of poor people will go without life-saving medicines and many more children will miss out on school because of the first cuts in global aid since 1997, Oxfam warned today as...

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