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Date: Oct 2013

16 Articles

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Oxfam's response to the latest garment factory fire in Dhaka

Oxfam's Ethical Trading Manager, Rachel Wilshaw said: "This latest tragedy at Aswad Composite Mills underlines the urgent need to change the way these factories are built and ensure that...

In sickness and in wealth: why insurance schemes are bad for poor nations’ health

More progressive funding could double poor countries' health budgets A new report, published today by Oxfam, is warning that health insurance schemes - being promoted by some donor agencies...

Oxfam's response to Telegraph article about Syria donations

Reacting to the Daily Telegraph's story "Charity Millions Going to Syrian Terror Groups", Oxfam's Humanitarian Director Jane Cocking said: "The Telegraph's claim...

Aubrey Wade/Oxfam

Governments must tackle global thirst for Biofuels, which spell hunger for millions

Governments must put people's right to food before short term commercial interests, said Oxfam before the opening of the Committee on Food Security's (CFS) annual meeting in Rome (7 October)....

Big food and drink companies must act to stop conflicts over land as global sugar production continues to soar

The biggest names in the food and drink industry are not doing enough to stop poor people from being forced from their land and homes to make way to grow crops, according to a new report from Oxfam...

New FAO hunger figures: Oxfam warns of alarmingly slow progress in fight against hunger

New estimates today from the Food and Agriculture Organisation which show that the number of hungry people has gone down by 26 million in the last year is good news but highlight that the fight against...

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