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Oxfam says that more needs to be done to help prepare people for disasters, as it marks its fortieth year of working in Pakistan

Oxfam is calling for more investment to go into preparing people for floods and other disasters in Pakistan as it marks its 40th year of working in the country this week. Since 2010, floods...

Cyclone leaves destruction and homelessness in India but many lives saved by quick action

Oxfam India will provide water, sanitation and shelter to 6,000 people affected by Cyclone Phailin. The storm, one of the country's biggest natural disasters in years, left India on Sunday leaving...

Somalia: Oxfam warns that “deepening emergency” may be two months away

One year after the declaration of famine in Somalia, a quarter of the country’s population is still surviving on humanitarian aid and more than a million people could fall back into...

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