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Oxfam responds to Daily Mail story

Tim Hunter, Oxfam's Director of Fundraising, said: "Oxfam supports more than 11 million people worldwide thanks to the help of the British public - we only contact those people who have expressed an interest in receiving a call. ... Read more

Government changes definition of child poverty - reaction

Commenting on today's Government's announcement that it is changing the official definition of child poverty, Kathleen Spencer Chapman, head of UK policy at Oxfam, said: "Oxfam is concerned by the Government's... Read more

Oxfam welcomes China’s INDC announcement in the fight against climate change

Tim Gore, Oxfam's international climate adviser, said: "China's announcement to set ambitious goals to reduce emissions and increase renewables is welcome.

Leaders must boost climate adaptation funds if Paris talks are to succeed, says Oxfam

Oxfam is urging world leaders to boost funds available for developing countries to adapt to the changing climate, as they meet in New York for the UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting on Climate Change today.

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