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  • How do I register as an organiser?

    You can register to be an Oxjam Gig Maker and put on a one-off music event in your hometown by signing up here

  • How do I perform or volunteer at an Oxjam event?

    Check on the Oxjam map to see if there is an event near you and then get in touch with the organiser. If you'd like to perform or volunteer at one of our multi-venue events, you can find the contact details for the organisers here.

  • I own / run a venue, how can I support Oxjam?

    If you would like to host an Oxjam event but not organise one, we recommend you contact your nearest event organiser by visiting the Oxjam map. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our Takeover teams here.

  • I work for a company. How can we support Oxjam?

    If you would like to support Oxjam, we recommend you contact your nearest Oxjam regional team.

  • How do I contact an Oxjam event organiser?

    Once you have filled out the form to get involved with Oxjam 2013, you will have access to the Oxjam online community. Once you sign in, you can use the forum to find other Oxjammers in your area to make it all happen where you are.

  • What support do you offer?

    Email:, or phone us on 0300 200 1255.

    Register as an organiser to access our online resources and advice.

  • What is an Oxjam Takeover?

    An Oxjam Takeover Event is a massive multi-venue music event which literally takes over a town or city for the night and showcases the best local talent.

    These events are organised by teams of Oxjam volunteers, led by Festival Managers, who spend over 6 months putting them together. Festival Managers are recruited by the central Oxjam team in February-March.

  • How do I join an Oxjam Takeover team?

    Our Festival Managers recruit their core team of volunteers from April - June. You can look here. For details during those months. They are also always on the lookout for volunteers to help with fundraising, production, promotion and on-the-day help.

  • Why is there no Takeover event in my area?

    Some areas may not have a Takeover team in their area and this is due to the initial recruitment of teams, as we depend on where applicants choose to put on an event.

  • I’m organising an event – can this be a Takeover event?

    Oxjam Takeovers are different to Gig Maker events as they work to a more structured model, and the volunteers who organise them have to apply for their roles. Each one is organised by a Festival Manager and team of volunteers and takes about 6 months to organise and fundraise for. We'd prefer if you didn't refer to your event as an Oxjam Takeover to avoid confusion with these events.

    If you would like to be a part of a Takeover team please keep an eye on our website for details in April-June, when Festival Managers will be recruiting volunteers in their local area.

  • Does my event have to be in October?

    Whilst October is the Oxjam month long music festival it is possible to have it any time that suits you. Oxjam Gig Makers usually start thinking about their events approximately four months in advance to allow enough time for planning and promotion. Your event can be held any time of the year but ideally we would like as many events to take place in October as possible. This way you benefit from the national marketing and buzz Oxjam are creating to publicise the month long festival.

  • I want to organise an outdoor event – what do I need?

    Oxjam doesn't usually recommend holding an outdoor event. They carry a high risk (especially in October) and take a lot of organisation. The best formula for a successful event is an existing, inside, licensed venue which has the equipment that you and your bands will need.

    However if you do feel experienced enough to organise an event anywhere live music is not usually heard - the most important thing that you need to consider is a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) These are usually available from your local council. Find out more from You will also need to ensure your event is covered by Public Liability Insurance.

    It sounds obvious, but don't forget - sufficient waterproofing for all your electrical gear is essential. Don't stand anything electrical or valuable directly on the ground to avoid puddles forming unexpectedly and causing damage. Make sure everything is well tied down in case of high winds. Please make sure you complete a risk assessment for your event.

  • Can I do an event for under 18s?

    Yes, on the proviso that the venue you're using does not hold a licence for over 18s only. You must be 18 to sign up as an event organiser for Oxjam. If you want to be an Oxjam Gig Maker and you are under 18, we recommend you ask a parent or guardian to sign up on your behalf.

    It is important that whenever approaching a venue you ask if there are any age restrictions. Usually venues are over 18s only, some venues have an over 14 or over 16 licence, or can obtain one for special events. 14-17 year-olds MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • Can I put on an Oxjam event overseas?

    Yes, although we don't recommend this for the following reasons:

    The Oxjam central team won't be able to support you and all of the advice that we provide (especially on the legal side) is only relevant for the UK. Also only UK events will benefit from our promotion and national exposure.

  • I want to approach a big name artist – how do I do this?

    Oxjam is all about local music, global impact. Please don't contact big name artists for your event. This is for the following reasons:

    • Oxfam GB is building relationships with celebrities to build media awareness of the vital humanitarian work that Oxfam GB does and these relationships can easily be damaged by more than one person contacting artists to request support.
    • When Oxjam does work with celebrities we do this for one reason only - to deliver media coverage to raise awareness of the Oxjam music festival as a whole. This then means that venues and local artists are much more willing to get involved and the public are much more willing to buy tickets. This is managed by the small central team and we are supported by our friends in the music industry to make this cost-effective and successful.
    • The concept of Oxjam and the reason why it is successful is because it highlights the best local music all around the UK and the brilliant people who organise gigs. Getting celebrities in doesn't really fit.
    • Oxjam is about raising money, gaining music experience and having fun. The riders, legal considerations, and general stress of ensuring that celebrities are looked after can really detract from this.
    • The only option that we recommend is if there is an event already happening with signed musicians - then if you feel it's a good fit with Oxjam who could consider contacting the promoter to see if they would like to tag the event as an Oxjam one and give some of the proceeds to Oxjam.
  • How should I promote my event and when should I start?

    From January 2013 onwards you'll be able to register as an organiser on the Oxjam website and receive your Oxjam toolkit, which is full of helpful advice on how to promote your event.

    It's never too soon to start promoting your event. Get your artists and venues to promote to their networks, use social media, and never understand the power of word of mouth promotion! And don't forget to list your event on the Oxjam website so that gig goers in your area can find out all about it.

  • Will Oxfam get me acts, venue, sponsors, sound engineer, tickets for my event?

    The thing that makes Oxjam events so great is that they are organised by extraordinary volunteers like you, which means your event can be whatever you want it to be. Although our regional Oxjam teams of staff and volunteers are there to support you every step of the way, the responsibility of the event is yours.

    Once you've signed up as an organiser you'll receive your Oxjam Gig Maker toolkit, which is full of helpful advice. Plus you'll gain access to our online resources to help you plan and promote your even when you log into the backstage area of the website. You can find the contact details of your regional team here.

  • Can I ask my local Oxfam shop to help me?

    Yes of course you can approach your local shop.

    Please be aware although shop staff they are employed by or volunteer for Oxfam and are very busy, so they may not always have time to help. Having said that, many of our shops have helped teams and organisers put on brilliant events, and some shops even put their own on. Our Dalston, Manchester and Glasgow shops have also hosted high profile media launch events for Oxjam, so if you don't ask you don't get! You can find your local shop here.

  • How can I access resources?

    Register as a Gig Maker and you'll receive your Gig Maker toolkit, which is full of helpful advice. Once you have created your account you will be able to gain access to our online resources via the backstage area to help you plan and promote your event. These resources include template posters, sample venue and artist contracts and Oxjam logos. Once you have listed your event on our website, you will receive extra materials (paper banners, cardboard collection boxes and stickers) to make sure your event has the Oxjam vibe.

    If you can't find what you need, get in touch. Email:, or phone us on 0300 200 1255.

  • How do I go about fundraising?

    The best Oxjam events often hold fundraising activities before as well as during their events. The best advice we can offer is to keep it simple and keep your costs down. See if there are any local events that you can piggy back on ahead of the event. Or ask the venue if you can have a percentage of the bar takings or run the cloakroom on the night to really boost your total.

    There are loads of fundraising tips in your Gig Maker toolkit. If you haven't registered for one you can do so here.

    For extra fundraising tips, visit the fundraising section of our website.

  • How should I promote my event and when should I start?

    Once you register as a Gig Maker you'll receive your toolkit, which is full of helpful advice on how to promote your event. Remember that it's never too soon to start promoting your event. Get your artists and venues to promote to their networks, use social media to invite all your contacts and post regular tweets. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth promotion and don't forget to list your event on the Oxjam website so that gig goers in your area can find out all about it.

  • How do I pay the money in?

    Paying in online is by far the quickest and easiest method.

    You can also pay in by cheque by completing the paying in form and sending it to Oxjam HQ. You may also wish to look into setting up an e-fundraising page as this is a great way to get people to sponsor your event.

    It is possible to pay in by an Oxfam shop but it is very hard for us to track the payment and therefore, send you a thank you. If you do pay in by a shop, please make sure you complete the paying in form.

  • What if I don’t raise as much money as I pledge?

    Putting on an Oxjam event is a challenge and we try to help as much as possible with training and resources to make your event a success. We recognise that some events make more, and some make less than their initial fundraising target. It isn't a problem not to meet your target and Oxfam is grateful for all the money that you do raise.

  • What do I do if I cannot put on my event?

    Sometimes it just isn't possible to go ahead with your event. We ask that you let us know and remove your event from the listings and any social networking sites. We also recommend that you offer to refund any tickets. Email:, or phone us on 0300 200 1255.

  • How do I buy a ticket for an Oxjam Event?

    Oxjam event organisers have different methods for selling tickets. Some will choose to sell their tickets through our partner WeGotTickets. You can also use our online map to locate local venues that will be able to advise you further on how to purchase tickets. The online map will be on our website as soon as Gig Makers begin to list their events.

  • What if I still have a question?

    We are here to help! Email:, or phone us on 0300 200 1255.