Be a Gig Maker


Imagine a room full of people, all having an amazing time, enjoying great music and feeling great because they are helping Oxfam end poverty. Now imagine you're there in the centre of it, feeling extremely proud because you made it all happen.

Putting on an Oxjam gig is your chance to really make a difference while doing something you love.

Be a Gig Maker 

What do you need to do?

Design it

Think about who your audience will be and cater for them. Get your friends involved to help organise it and make sure everyone knows your gig is part of Oxjam.

Planning your event

Make it

Choose performers with a big local following and make sure they fit in with your venue and theme. Spend as little as possible in order to raise as much as possible!

Choosing bands and acts

Promote it

List your event on the Oxjam map so everyone knows it's happening. Promote your event on social media, in the local paper & make sure it's all Oxjam branded!

List your event


It's important to fundraise in the lead up to the event, as well as making the most out of the event. You could hold a quiz night in the run up and run the cloakroom on the night, for example

Fundraising ideas

What's in it for you?

Whatever you're into - metal, dance, classical - as long as you're into music Oxjam is for you. Your gig can be whatever you want it to be; big or small, on a street corner or in a concert hall. Raise money for an incredible cause, enhance your CV, and have fun with your mates while you're at it.

We'll give you everything you need to put on a great event, with tips, advice, training, and online resources.

What support will I get? 

"All you need to make an Oxjam event happen is a set of decks, a few choice tunes and a place to play them, so there's really no excuse not to get involved"  Fatboy Slim

The Oxjam Homecoming


You don't need a stadium. You don't even need a big stage. Become a living room legend by joining the Oxjam Homecoming.

Bit daunted by the prospect of pulling together all the elements of an Oxjam gig? No problem. You can still get involved by organising an event in the comfort of your own home. You could stage a special acoustic set from your sofa, or have a rave-up in the kitchen. Whatever you want. Invite your friends over and let the fun commence!

Download Homecoming leaflet (PDF 451kb)

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