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Oxjam Takeovers are amazing multi-venue extravaganzas that literally take over a town or city for the night, showcasing local emerging talent and raising lots of money for Oxfam. 

Since 2009 these awesome one-wristband-access-all-areas gigs have entertained punters all the way from Torquay to Shetland.

Oxjam Takeover teams


Are you...

A marketing whizz?

A budding music techie?

A fundraising legend?

It takes a whole team to create an Oxjam Takeover. We're now on the hunt for Fundraising Coordinators, Marketing Coordinators, Production Coordinators, Volunteer Coordinators and a multitude of other helpers.

Want to join a Takeover team? Contact your nearest Regional Takeover manager.

Fundraising coordinators are responsible for delivering the team's fundraising objective.  They design and implement a fundraising strategy to generate funds to cover team/event costs and to generate funds to cover team/event costs and to generate at least £1000 to donate to Oxfam pre-October.  This will include at least 3 fundraising events between June-September.

Volunteer coordinators will design and implement recruitment strategies to get volunteers involved in the right numbers at the right time.  They will identify where volunteers will be needed - fundraising events, promotions and event production will all rely on a lot of people power.

Marketing coordinators design and implement a strategy for promoting the Takeover event.  They work alongside the Fundraising Coordinators to coordinate and deliver a marketing plan for summer fundraising activities.  They will work with local media to promote the Takeover, and other Oxjam activity in the region.

Production coordinators have responsibility for the logistics of the Takeover event.  They will be in charge of booking venues and artists.  They will recruit and manage coordinators for each venue, who then manage artists, coordinate technical specifications, and stage-manage the venue on the day.

Contact details for Regional Takeover managers

Get in touch with your nearest Takeover Manager to find out about opportunities with Oxjam in your local area.


Name  Town / City  Oxjam email 
 Ineta Buivydaite  Aberdeen
 Bethan Jenkins  Aberystwyth
 Louise Alberg  Balham
 Chris Bibby  Bath
 John Farrow  Bedford
 Heather Greenan  Beeston
 Joe Jones  Birmingham
 Gemma Varnfield  Bournemouth
 Jacqueline Mitrovic & Caroline Waters  Brighton
 Owen Dowsett  Bristol
 Harriet Byrnes & Holly Clark  Brixton
 Izzy Maxwell Watts  Cambridge
 Hayley Miller  Camden
 Sian Walden  Cardiff
 Buddy Freebury  Carmarthen
 Amelia Roberts  Cheltenham
 Bill Hudson  Chester
 Julian Chattin  Chiswick
 Heather Gregory  Clapham
 Jenny Poulter  Colchester
 Georgina Innes  Dalston
 Chris Jenkins  Darlington
 Ashley Stirland  Derby
 Dean Pavely  Didcot
 Rebecca Stobbs  Durham
 Brian Pokora  Edinburgh
 Niki Warner  Exeter
 Leeanne Boulton  Glasgow
 Lucy McLean  Heswall
 Chris Cramp  Isle of Wight
 Barry Causton  Islington
 Hannah Harvey  Leeds
 Anna Webb  Leicester
 Becky Slater  Lichfield
 Mike Chisholm  Macclesfield
 Lisa Murgatroyd  Manchester
 Shaun Ramanah  New Cross
 Eve McMann  Newcastle
 Gail Landore  Newquay
 Corbyn Asbury  Northampton
 Robert Dean Powell  Norwich
 Harry Matuszewicz-Milne  Notting Hill
 Andy Palmer  Oxford
 Dominique Sprake-Harris  Portsmouth
 Nigel Millson-Crane  Reading
 Olivia Robertson  Scarborough
 Alex Burgoyne  Sheffield
 Ashlea Tulloch  Shetland
 Tim Mears  Shoreditch
 Kerri Jones  Shrewsbury
 Gary Munday  Southampton
 Peter Roch  Stafford
 Emma Erwin  Stirling
 Jessica Hoyle  Wolverhampton
 Emily Segaran  York


Can't find a Takeover Manager in your area? Why not apply for the role yourself! Find out how Oxjam Takeovers can happen anywhere in the UK.