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Pay in your fundraising

Congratulations on organising an Oxjam gig!

We know that putting on a gig isn't an easy thing to do and we really appreciate all of work you've done to change lives this year. So we wanted to say a massive THANK YOU! There's just one thing left to do now...

Pay in your fundraising   


Meet Alfredo

"Music is everything to me. Music has the power to change people... When I'm in trouble I take my guitar and sing. I can forget all of my worries when I'm playing. When I'm sick, playing my guitar makes me feel better. I have had to run from my village three times because of the war. I leave everything behind except my guitar: I couldn't leave it behind. Even if it's dangerous I always go home and take my guitar before I run."

Alfredo, a guitarist from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) - one of the toughest places on earth to call home. Since 1998, more than five million people have died as a result of conflict here - and war continues to devastate the east of this vast country. Most people have been killed not by the fighting, however, but by the malnutrition and disease it has caused. The scale of suffering is immense. And yet beyond the horror, hope remains because of people like Alfredo.

The money you've raised from your Oxjam event will be used to help people in places like the DRC. It will be used to help change the lives of people who are surviving in the worst situations imaginable.

We can't thank you enough.


Pay in by cheque or in an Oxfam shop

By cheque...

To pay in by cheque, you can write a cheque for the total amount, payable to Oxfam, and send it, with the completed Oxjam event income form (PDF), to:

Oxjam Freepost
Oxfam Fundraising Events
Oxfam House

In an Oxfam shop

Alternatively, if you choose the shop method please make sure staff make a note that it's Oxjam money and give you a receipt. Once you've done this, download the form below, fill it in and post it to us at the same address. (We'll only get a weekly total from shops, not your name, and we'd like to send you a certificate! It also keeps our records accurate.)

Oxjam event income form (PDF, 441KB)