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Choosing bands and acts


Approaching bands or DJs will be an exciting part of planning your gig. There's no single best way to approach your acts but here are a few top tips to get you started.

How to choose bands and acts

  • Find bands that have a big, loyal, local following.
  • Choose acts that will attract a similar crowd and that fit with your venue. A mixture of established and up-and-coming artists (who will bring all their mates along!) often works well.
  • Use your contacts - are any of your mates in bands? Facebook and Twitter are great ways to find and get in touch with potential performers.

Remember that Oxjam is all about celebrating your local music scene, so please don't approach major artists. When it comes to Oxjam, smaller events are less stressful to organise and make brilliant fundraisers, so don't think too big.

Stuff bands will want to know

Why should they perform?

Emphasise the things that make your gig special - especially the fact that, by performing, artists will be helping you to raise lots of money for an amazing cause.


As a charity event Oxjam never pays an artist to perform.

Timings and logistics

Bands will want to know the location of the gig, what time they need to arrive, sound check, and the curfew.


Most bands will have 'tech spec' for the equipment they need to perform, which you'll need to check with the venue. If possible ask your bands to share or bring their own gear (e.g. drum kit), and avoid hiring equipment wherever possible.


Make sure to ask if your acts will be happy to promote your event to their fan base via social media. They may even help you to sell advance tickets via their networks.

More advice for planning your event: