• How can I run for Oxfam?

    There are two ways you can run for Oxfam. You can buy a Charity Place directly from Oxfam for a specific race, or you can secure your place directly from the race organisers and then fill in our Own Place form to tell us you would like to use it to run as part of the Oxfam team.

  • What running events can I run for Oxfam in?

    You can apply for an official Oxfam charity place in the UK's top races: the London Marathon, Reading Half Marathon, The Great North Run and Royal Parks Half Marathon. If you've secured your own place to run at any event worldwide we would love you to join our team.

  • Why should I run for Oxfam?

    Your sponsorship will go towards our work to create a fairer, safer, and better world for millions of people. Thanks to the generous donations we receive, Oxfam is able to continue its work with local communities in over 90 countries around the world.

  • I've had a problem paying my entry fee

    If you're having trouble paying your entry fee just give us a call on 0300 200 1244, or email us at: events@oxfam.org.uk.

    You can also contact us by post at: The Running Events Team, Oxfam House, John Smith Drive, Oxford, OX4 2JY. Please take into account delivery times when waiting for an answer.

    Whichever way you choose to contact us, we'll help you as soon as we can.

  • I'm not sure what the status of my application is.

    If you have successfully paid your entry fee and received an email confirming this, then you definitely have an Oxfam place (pending registration with the organisers of that race). If you have applied but have not paid an entry fee then you need to ensure the fee is paid before the place is definitely confirmed as yours.

    London Marathon applications are a little different. They are reviewed before we offer places. If you have applied for a place then you should wait to be contacted by us to offer you a place. Once you've paid and received your email, the place is yours (again pending registration).

  • Do runners who have secured their own place from the organisers of a race have to fundraise a certain amount?

    No. We gratefully receive any sponsorship our own place runners collect. No matter how small you think this amount may be, it will go a long way to ending poverty and suffering around the world.

  • Does filling out the Own Place running form give me a place in an event?

    No. Only fill out the own place running form if you have already purchased a place from the event organisers. If you require a place in an event fill out our Charity Place application form.

  • What’s an Own Place in a running event?

    An Own Place is when you secure your place directly from the race organisers and then elect a charity to run for. And of course we would love you to run for Oxfam.

  • What are entry fees?

    Entry fees help cover the costs of having charity place runners in running events so that more of your fundraising goes to Oxfam's life-saving work. Entry fee amounts vary from race to race, and we don't charge entry fees for any of the Edinburgh Marathon Festival races.

  • When do I find out about my charity place application?

    In all races except the London Marathon and those that make up the Edinburgh Marathon Festival, filling in the Oxfam charity place application form and paying your entry fee will guarantee you a place (pending registration with the organisers of that race). You should receive a welcome email confirming this within a week of signing up.

    We receive many more applications than we have places in the London Marathon, so we employ a selection process to allocate them. We are currently reviewing the applications we've received for 2013 and will let applicants know the outcome of these shortly.

    Our places in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival do not have entry fees, and are available straight from the race organisers' website.

  • What is an Oxfam Charity Place?

    Oxfam has a number of places in running events which are available to apply for. Oxfam Charity Place Runners are required to pay a registration fee and to make a minimum fundraising pledge. 

  • What is a pledge?

    A pledge is a minimum fundraising total runners expect to reach.

  • Why does Oxfam ask for an entry fee and a fundraising pledge?

    We need to cover the costs that come with having charity place runners at events. The registration fee and pledge ensure that Oxfam can take part in these events and maximise the funds that go directly to Oxfam's work.

  • What happens if I miss my pledge total?

    If you are worried that this might happen then please let us know and we will be more than happy to help. Give us a call on 0300 200 1244 or email us at events@oxfam.org.uk, and we'll help you to avoid this.

  • What support does Oxfam provide for its runners?

    Every Oxfam runner will receive an Oxfam running pack, including an Oxfam running vest and letters for personalisation. We'll also give you email and phone support from Oxfam's dedicated Events team. Runners taking part in our main events will also receive regular e-newsletters containing running tips and fundraising advice, and will be cheered on the day by a fantastic race day team. Check out the event profiles for information about individual race day support.

  • How do I get an Oxfam running pack?

    If you have a confirmed place in any race worldwide, you can get an Oxfam running pack by filling out our own place running form. You will also automatically get one if you are accepted as one of our Oxfam charity place runners.

  • What’s in Oxfam’s running pack?

    Your very own green Oxfam running vest (with iron-on letters to personalise it) and a selection of fantastic fundraising materials including sponsorship forms, stickers and a great fundraising guide.

  • Does Oxfam provide any materials to help me put on fundraising events?

    Some materials are provided in your running pack, but if you need anything else contact the Events team on 0300 200 1244 or events@oxfam.org.uk, we'd be more than happy to help.

  • How do I pay in my sponsorship?

    Your money from online fundraising pages gets automatically sent through to Oxfam. If you have any additional offline sponsorship you can pay this in either by calling the Events team on 0300 200 1244 or by sending in a cheque with Oxfam's paying-in form. Make sure you clearly communicate your contact details and which event you ran in.

  • How do online fundraising websites work?

    Online giving websites are an extremely effective way to easily boost your fundraising total. They work by allowing sponsors to log on to a fundraiser's unique page and sponsor them using a credit or debit card. The money from online fundraising pages (e.g. Just Giving / Virgin Money Giving) gets automatically sent through to Oxfam and added to your total, so no need for paper forms!

  • What happens if I get injured?

    Unfortunately it is inevitable that, with so many runners, some people will get injured in training for a race. What happens next depends on how you got your place and what race you are doing.

    If you are using your 'own place' to run for Oxfam (i.e. you obtained it directly from the organisers of that race) you simply need to let them know you can no longer take part. From there it is their decision as to whether you can take up your place the following year. We'd also appreciate it if you could let us know so we know how many runners to expect on the day.

    If you got a 'charity place' in the race (i.e. you obtained your place through Oxfam) then you can usually defer that place to the following year as long as you let us know before the registration deadline for that race. If you let us know after the registration deadline then unfortunately we cannot guarantee a deferral.

    We also cannot guarantee a deferral for those dropping out of the London Marathon, whatever stage they're at in the lead up to the race. This is because we have an ever-decreasing number of places available.

  • When will I get my race pack?

    These are sent out by the organisers of your race. Typically they arrive a week or so before the event, but each race is different (please note - entrants to the London Marathon have to pick up their race pack from the London Marathon Expo, it is not sent out). Please contact the customer services team for your race if you have any problems.

  • What if I can’t find the answer to my question?

    Get in touch! We'll be more than happy to help. Email events@oxfam.org.uk or call 0300 200 1244 and we'll answer your query as soon as we can.