Edinburgh Shop Celebrates 10th Birthday

Posted by Lindsay Clydesdale Campaigns Press Officer, Scotland

8th Jan 2013

A handwritten note from Margaret Thatcher was one of the most unusual donations made to an Edinburgh Oxfam shop during its 10 year history.

The Oxfam branch on Nicolson Street, which celebrated a decade of fundraising last month, was given a signed first edition of the former prime minister's memoirs in 1993, with the personal message inside. It later raised £150 at auction.

Since opening, the book and music shop has sold £1.3m worth of goods in that decade and ultimately raised more than £860,000 for Oxfam's project work.

Shop manager David Hendrie said: "We would like to say a huge thank you to all our many committed volunteers and staff who have made that fantastic total possible.

"However we need the community's continued support to keep raising money. You can help us stock up for the next 10 years by donating good quality book and music items, or if you can give us your time, then apply to join our team of volunteers."

Blog post written by Lindsay Clydesdale

Campaigns Press Officer, Scotland

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