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Crisis in South Sudan - We cannot afford to wait and we cannot afford to fail

Today we are launching an urgent appeal for funds to help the people of South Sudan as the crisis reaches a 'now or never moment'. More than a million people have been forced from...


Govan Loves Syria

Oxfam's Love Syria campaign took to the streets of Govan - and people across Glasgow will be able to tune in to find out more. Oxfam Scotland's Lindsay Clydesdale spent five...

DEC Syria Appeal Receives £100,000 from Scottish Government

The Disasters Emergency Committee in Scotland has warmly welcomed a donation of £100,000 from the Scottish Government for the Syria Crisis Appeal. The announcement came as Scotland's political...

An incredible opportunity to right wrongs in West Africa

In a world where there is enough food for everyone it is wrong that in Chad a mother has to dig up an anthill to look for grain so that she can cook a meal for her children. It is wrong that...

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