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Subject: food security

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"Climate Change Is Killing Us"

By Jamie Livingstone, Oxfam Scotland Campaign Manager "Climate change is killing us". Andrew Chikwanda could scarcely put it more bluntly. It's his first day as Acting...

Oxfam campaigners take the Land Grab campaign to Glasgow's Buchanan Street

Oxfam warns of new 'Highland Clearances'

Oxfam has warned "land grabs" akin to the Highland Clearances in Scotland are taking place in developing countries with some of the world's poorest people forcibly evicted.  ...

Food Costs To Worsen As Extreme Weather Causes Extreme Prices


An incredible opportunity to right wrongs in West Africa

In a world where there is enough food for everyone it is wrong that in Chad a mother has to dig up an anthill to look for grain so that she can cook a meal for her children. It is wrong that...

Rising food prices in Scotland: The human impact

Oxfam poll reveals Scots are skipping meals to feed their children. Growing concern pensioners are being forced to "ration" food. ...

Volunteer with Oxfam

Volunteering opportunities with Oxfam Scotland

Meet interesting people, boost your confidence and gain life-changing skills - volunteer for Oxfam at our shops, events or offices. You'll become part of a movement of people who won't live...

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