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Is the Community Empowerment Bill 'Humankind'?

How do we judge whether new policy proposals would improve Scotland's 'prosperity'? ...


Politicians must stop playing business as usual with new GDP figures


A better Scotland? There's an app for that.

A brand new web application is being launched today to help people decide whether new policy ideas actually make for a better Scotland. The app is based on Oxfam Scotland's Humankind...

Love Syria campaign badges

Oxfam Scotland celebrates 50th anniversary

Oxfam Scotland is celebrating its 50th anniversary today by erecting a 'refugee camp' in the heart of Glasgow to highlight the plight of Syrian refugees.  Show you Love...


Help us build Our Economy!

Scotland has a problem. It's the economy. At the moment the wealthiest households in Scotland are 273 times richer than the poorest. There are 8 people on unemployment...

A picture of some coins

New Poll Shows Scots Back Fair Taxes

A survey carried out on behalf of Oxfam has found that more than three-quarters of people in Scotland believe taxes should be raised for those with the highest income and wealth. More...

Pic - Andrew Cowan / Scottish Parliament

MSPs show their Humankind side

On the second day of the current parliamentary year, Members of the Scottish Parliament debated a motion welcoming the Oxfam Humankind Index for Scotland. Oxfam Scotland Research and Policy Adviser...

Oxfam warns of return to inequality not seen since Victorian times

A new report by Oxfam published today (Thu 14 June) highlights the "perfect storm" facing the poorest people in the UK.  ...

Island Life 'A Model' For Scottish Communities

Island life is closest to what Scots want for themselves and their families, according to new research by Oxfam Scotland which hopes to influence local decision making across the country. ...

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