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Tag: uk poverty

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Poverty Commissioner would fight for fair future

In a Platform piece for The Scotsman, Head of Oxfam Scotland Judith Robertson argues for a Scottish Poverty Commissioner. Poverty is a creation of society and - if we work together and have...

Traditional games at Govan school campus

Govan games mark International Women's Day

A group of Govan women taught traditional playground games like Balls and Elastics to a new generation of youngsters to mark International Women's Day. The women visited the...

Tax avoidance cash

Tax avoidance billions could help the poorest

Today (31 January) is the deadline for people to submit their tax returns, Most people, whether low earners with income just above the tax threshold or high earners paying the highest...

Inequality in Scotland must be tackled by new jobs and fair taxation

A new study of poverty and social exclusion in Scotland highlights a huge rise in unemployment for under-25s, and stark and growing health inequalities. Oxfam Scotland says it shows a...

Big Ben

Statement on Welfare Benefits Uprating Bill

In response to the Government's publication of the welfare benefits uprating bill today, Head of Oxfam Scotland Judith Robertson said: "This bill will effectively mean a permanent...

Scottish Circle raise £8000 for Glasgow food project

A group of influential Scottish women have raised more than £8000 for a food project in one of Scotland's most deprived districts. The Scottish Circle held an art event using donations...

A picture of some coins

New Poll Shows Scots Back Fair Taxes

A survey carried out on behalf of Oxfam has found that more than three-quarters of people in Scotland believe taxes should be raised for those with the highest income and wealth. More...

DJ Steg G at Sunny Govan Community Radio

Oxfam calls for increased people power

Oxfam Scotland says increased people power in Scotland should be used to tackle poverty and promote real community-led economic development, tackling inequality and providing sustainable livelihoods...

Prof Seumas McDaid and Judith Robertson sign the Memo of Understanding

Oxfam strikes unique partnership with UWS

A ground-breaking partnership between Oxfam Scotland and the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) seeks to deliver new solutions for a fairer Scotland. Part of the new initiative is the...

Pic - Andrew Cowan / Scottish Parliament

MSPs show their Humankind side

On the second day of the current parliamentary year, Members of the Scottish Parliament debated a motion welcoming the Oxfam Humankind Index for Scotland. Oxfam Scotland Research and Policy Adviser...

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