Stamps & coins


Oxfam has around 70 specialist stamp departments, run by experienced and knowledgeable volunteers. All stamps are carefully valued and priced. Most stamps are sold in the specialist shops themselves, and in some cases on our Online Shop. Valuable stamps and collections may be sold at auction.

Some of our specialist stamp departments also sort and sell coins. Others save donations of currency for collection by Travelex, who count every coin and note received and reimburse Oxfam according to the current exchange rate. Even obsolete currencies such as those replaced by the Euro are accepted and of some value.

Find your local Oxfam stamp and coin specialist shop

Donations of coins can be handed in at any Oxfam shop and will be forwarded to the nearest specialist. YIf you need further information about donating stamps and coins please email the Shop Support Team at

Browse Stamps and Coins on Oxfam's Online Shop.

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