Oxfam Unwrapped

Lift lives with Oxfam's charity gifts. Choose from 30 gifts including the famous Oxfam goat, chickens and our brand-new manure gift. Personalise at checkout with your message, little extra treats, e-cards and optional FREE delivery.

Woolly wonders


Gift of a goat

Health check
Good in practice

Mosquito nets
For a good night's sleep

Safe water for 50 people
Water great gift

Feed a family
The real-meal deal

School supplies
Supplying new kit for kids

Build a bog
Feeling flush

Your gifts in action

Oxfam Unwrapped gifts are changing lives around the world and we want you to see the difference they're making. From a 'Build a bog' gift in Liberia to a 'Girl Power' gift in Rwanda, read and watch videos about how Unwrapped gifts can make a big difference. Read more

Build a bog - Liberia

Click on the banner to view a video of Kebbeh's story.

Girl power - Rwanda

Click to view a video about Oxfam's empowerment of women.