Half-price gifts

This offer is no longer available online to place your order over the phone call 0300 200 1252. 

For the first time ever you can now buy your favourite Oxfam Unwrapped gifts for half the price! How is this possible you ask? Well it's thanks to a lovely thing called co-funding. In short this means, you pay 50% and a donor provides the other 50% (or possibly even more!) - making your money go further. Find out more about co-funding

Terms and Conditions apply.

What is co-funding?

What is co-funding? How does it work in this case?

Some of our donors often say to us that they will only fund specific projects if we commit to raise an agreed amount of funds for the project ourselves. For example, a donor might say that they agree to fund 50% of the project but Oxfam must pay for the other 50%*. This means that if we cannot provide our share of the funding, we lose the other 50% from the donor. And this is why your money is so vital: it will help unlock funding that we would otherwise be unable to get, making your money go a lot, lot further! *Note: The percentage can vary and could be as much as 90% for our 10%.

Who is the donor?

A range of donors offer co-funding. They include the UK government's Department for International Development, the European Union, as well as private trusts and charitable foundations, to name just a few. As they often do not fund 100% of our projects, we need to provide the rest of the funding and your money will help us do this!

Is this going to mean Oxfam (and Oxfam's beneficiaries) get less money than if I paid full price?

Quite the opposite! Your money will help us meet our co-funding obligations, which will unlock the funding that other donors have promised!

Will the goats still be looked after just as well?

Of course. Oxfam shares your concerns about animal welfare. Oxfam supports communities by providing livestock, and it is not without taking this highly-important issue into account. We consult with local communities who have traditions of care for livestock, and we have also created a set of welfare guidelines to ensure that all livestock is well cared for. These guidelines are supported by the RSPCA and were developed with the Humane Society of the US. We provide training to beneficiaries and local animal healthcare workers so there is ongoing support for the animals.

Half-price gifts: Terms and conditions

  1. The offer is for the specified Oxfam Unwrapped gifts only. It does not include other Oxfam Unwrapped gifts, little extras, second hand or ethical collection items.
  2. The selected gifts are non-exchangeable with any of our other products from Oxfam Online Shop.
  3. The offer is available for a limited time only: 6 December - 4pm, 12 December.
  4. Available online and by phone only. This offer is not available in our network of Oxfam shops across the UK or for orders placed by postal order forms.
  5. The offer is available while stocks last. We will take any Oxfam Unwrapped gifts off the website as soon as we possibly can if they sell out, but there may be a small period of time when the product is still available online. If you place your order during this time we will supply an alternative Oxfam Unwrapped of greater or equal value.
  6. We will endeavour to use the income raised from the 50% off sale as co-funding. However, in exceptional circumstances, this may not be possible. In this case we would use the funds raised wherever the need is greatest.
  7. Income raised from the sale will be spent on the category in accordance with the 'how we spend your money' section.