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Food boost gift set - Herb GroBox

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Product description

Add this to your gift and your foodie friends can grow a herb garden the easy way. They just remove the lid, plant the box, add water and then watch their organic herbs spring to life.

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We're sorry to say this item is currently unavailable to buy but don't worry, we have plenty of other great Unwrapped Gifts for you to chose from. Take a closer look at similar items for sale.

This gift in action

Food boost gift set - Herb GroBox

In Rrapsh-Stare, a remote Albanian mountain village, Oxfam is helping farmers to learn new ways to beat poverty and changing weather patterns.

We've provided seeds and training to grow new crops. We've helped farmers to sell co-operatively, so they can demand better prices. And we’re providing better packaging so their produce can be sold more widely. Smart, simple solutions that are making a big difference, to farmers like Ndok Shabaj: "With help from Oxfam I ran an experiment to prove that we could grow nuts. So now I am the expert here! Walnuts grow well in the increasingly dry conditions, they're easy to preserve and there's a gap in the market, which means we'll get a good price."

The nuts, however, are a long-term project, taking around six years before they're ready to harvest. So, in the interim Oxfam has also helped Ndok do more with the farmers' traditional crop, potatoes.

"We used to reuse huge 50kg flour sacks for our potatoes. They were difficult to transport and store. At the market, customers couldn't see the quality and families didn't want such huge bags. Oxfam provided smaller five and ten kilo net bags and labels for our potatoes, and now they sell really well because people can see the quality of the produce. It's important that people know that they're Rrapsh-Stare organic potatoes."

About this item

Add this to your gift and your foodie friends can grow a herb garden the easy way. They just remove the lid, plant the box, add water and then watch their organic herbs spring to life.

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