Help: Wedding & gift list FAQs

  • What is an Oxfam gift list and how does it work?

    Oxfam gift lists are a great way to make your celebration extra special. If you don't want all the usual presents you can set up one of our poverty-busting gift lists and fill it with a range of gifts that support Oxfam's work around the world. It's easy to set up and buy from, meaning your friends and family can personalise the gift for your special day - making it a memorable experience for everyone. All you have to do is:

    1. Set up a list.
    2. Choose the gifts you want to receive and add them to your list.
    3. Share the gift list with your friends and family.
    4. When a gift is purchased from your gift list you'll receive a gift card (or ecard) that explains how your gift makes a difference and we'll make sure your gift goes where it's needed most.

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  • How do Oxfam wedding and gift lists make a difference?

    Oxfam Unwrapped goat

    All the gifts featured on an Oxfam gift list will go towards supporting Oxfam's work around the world. Your gifts can help to feed families, provide water for communities, support small businesses, educate children, and much more. 

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  • How do I set up an Oxfam gift list?

    1. Log in or register for an account.
    2. Click 'Go to my account' and choose 'My Gift Lists' from the left-hand menu. Here you select the event type and date.
    3. Finish the set up by clicking 'Create your gift list' and now you're ready to start picking your gifts.
    4. To make your friends and family feel at home you can even add a picture and a personalised message.
  • I've set up a list but how do I share it with my friends and family?

    You can share your gift list in a number of ways:

    • Using email and social media you can send everyone the direct link to your list (available in your confirmation email and account).
    • Friends and family can search for your gift list using your name or gift list reference number.
    • For weddings and civil partnerships we'll send you 50 heart-shaped cards that you can include in your invitation.

    Need more cards to send with your invitations? Contact us: call 0300 200 1252 or email us at

  • I've set up a list but how do I find my gift list number?

    If you log into your account and view the relevant list, you will find your reference number at the top of the page. You can then send this to your friends and family by email or social media.

    For wedding and civil partnerships you can use the cards we send you. The number is also printed in the letter which accompanies these wedding or civil partnership cards.

  • I've set up a gift list, what is it that I will actually receive?

    If you choose to receive gift cards, you'll receive all your poverty-busting gifts in the form of lovely gift cards. Each card will include a description of your gift and how it makes a difference. Whoever buys a gift can also personalise the gift card with a message.

    You can also choose to receive just ecards instead of gift cards when setting up your gift list. These ecards can also be personalised by the person sending it.

    After your event we'll send you a follow up email complete with a full list of all the items that were bought from your gift list and who bought them for you. (Please note that if an order is placed over the phone without quoting the list number, or is bought online but not from the gift list, it won't be attributed to the list but it will still be personalised and sent to you.)

    For weddings and civil partnerships we'll send you a special memento pack after the big day, complete with a list of all the different gifts your friends and family bought for you.

  • I know someone who has set up an Oxfam gift list, how can I find it?

    You can search using the list holder's name or their unique 6 digit reference number.

  • What will my gift list look like?

    Here's an example of what your gift list could look like. You can add your own photo and create a special message for your friends and family to read.

    Click to view larger gift list image

  • How can I order gifts from a gift list?

    Thanks for deciding to buy an Oxfam Unwrapped gift from the list of a friend or family member. On the gift lists homepage you can search using the 6 digit reference number or the gift list holder's name in the section called 'Find a gift list'.

    1. Once you've found the gift list you're looking for click on it to go to their gift list page.
    2. On their gift list page you can browse the different gifts available to purchase.
    3. To add an item click 'Add to basket'.
    4. Then you can either continue to add more items to your basket or you can move onto checkout by clicking 'View my basket'.
    5. At checkout you can personalise the gift card with a message and enter your payment details.
  • When I purchase a gift from a gift list, what am I actually sending?

    Don't worry, they won't end up with a goat or mosquito net at their door. Instead, they'll receive a lovely gift card explaining how their gift makes a difference. We'll make sure the gift goes where it's needed most.

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    Goat card example front Goat card example open Goat card example back
  • Can I order from a gift list over the phone?

    Yes, call 0300 200 1252 to order over the phone. Be sure to let the person you speak to know that you are placing a wedding list order and give them the 6 digit wedding list reference number. Please note that if an order is placed without quoting the list number then we won't be able to allocate it correctly and it won't show on the final total of the list.

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