What happens after I apply?

This following list provides a brief summary of what happens after you apply.

Please ensure you have also read our FAQs and other information on our website so you are familiar with what stewarding involves.

What happens after I apply?

Once you have successfully submitted your stewarding application you should receive two emails;

  1. An email listing the festivals and training places we have received your applications for
  2. An email confirming a Worldpay transaction ID confirming your deposit payment has been successful

When you have received both of these emails your application to steward at the festival(s) stated on the email has been accepted. Keep your confirmation emails safe.

If you don't get your Festival confirmation email, email us at stewards@oxfam.org.uk and we'll send you one as soon as we can.  If you don't get your payment confirmation email, then as long as you got a thank you page with a Transaction number your payment has gone through.  You can also check this and the Festivals (and training) you applied for by clicking on the 'Add another Festival' button and entering the username and password that you entered at the end of your application - at the top of the page, you'll see a blue panel and if alongside the Festivals you applied for it says 'payment is processing' or 'payment processed' then it's all good.  So, you should only need to call us on 0300 200 1266 if your payment did not go through (in which case the panel will say 'payment not received' alongside the Festival you applied for).

If you don't receive the email listing your festivals and training places, then check your Junk/Trash/Spam folder, and if it's not there email us at stewards@oxfam.org.uk and we will send you a copy of this as soon as we possibly can.

Please note you can log back into your application this year using your username and password by following the link on our apply page entering the username and password that you set on Stage 7 to check details of your Festivals, training and deposit status.

  • Is my place confirmed?
    If you have paid the deposit due for the Festivals you applied, your Festival places are confirmed provided:
    • You attend any training session(s) booked at the time of your application as stated on your email
    • Your reference check is successful (if you are new to stewarding with us)
    Please note: there is a very slim chance that a festival may be cancelled, reduce the number of stewards they ask us for or we may have to reduce the number of stewards we're taking to a festival for other reasons. This could happen at short notice at any time before the festival date and Oxfam may need to cancel places as and when necessary, even after deposits have been paid. If this does become necessary, we will let you know and where possible we will try to reallocate you, but we can't guarantee that this will be possible. This is extremely rare.

  • When will I hear from you again?
    You may not hear from us again until your pre-festival information a few weeks before the festival.

    Please remember to contact us to update your details if you change your postal or email address during the season so we can keep in touch.

  • Shift Partners
    To ensure your shift partner group that you selected on your application is rostered on the same shift pattern, if any of your shift partner group are unsuccessful in securing a place to Steward at a Festival, one of the remaining group needs to email stewards@oxfam.org.uk to ask for that person(s) to be removed from the group. The names of all other members of the group need to be included in the email.

  • Your travel plans
    As part of your application, you will have told us how you are travelling to each festival, for example, by car, getting a lift or by public transport. If your travel plans change (i.e. car registration, how you are coming), please let us know before the cancellation deadline for the Festival you are attending.

  • Reference Checks
    Reference checks are sent out automatically to the email address you give on your application form. Unless you hear otherwise, you can assume your reference check has been successful. You can also assume that any relevant PNC (Police National Computer) checks will be successful. We will get in touch with you if there are any issues with these.

    To change your referee details after you have submitted your application you will need to contact us. Please note these cannot be changed online.

    We will only contact you regarding a reference if there has been a problem.

  • Training
    Training is compulsory for new stewards and previous stewards who have not attended stewards training in 2011, 2012 or 2013. If you booked yourself onto a training course during your application this would have been confirmed in your confirmation email. You must attend this training course to be able to steward with us. Information about the Training session will be sent to you around 1-2 weeks before the session by email, so keep an eye out for this email.

    To change your training course after you have submitted your application you will need to contact us. Please note this cannot be changed online.

  • Adding additional festivals
    If you have already applied to steward this year and wish to add an additional festival you will need to log back into the application system with your username and password.

    For more information on logging back in and adding festivals, see the FAQ question 'I've already applied but want to add another festival - how do I do that?'.

  • Amending your details
    To amend your details after you have submitted your initial application you will need to contact us.

    You will not be able to amend your details online this season.

  • Cancellations
    If you cancel your stewarding place;

    • Within 7 days of applying - no fee, this is a 7 day cooling off period
    • Before the cancellation deadline - you will lose £20 from your deposit
    • After the cancellation deadline - you will lose all of your deposit
    • All of our cancellation deadlines are available to view here. For more information on cancelling your place as a steward, please see here.

    Please note cancellations cannot be carried out online and can only be done by contacting us.

  • Pre-festival Information
    A week or two before the festival(s) you have applied for, you will receive your pre-festival letter or email from the Stewarding Office. This letter or email will confirm entry instructions, times of entry/registration etc. and any travel details you may need and will also be the letter you will need to bring with you to the gate in order to gain entry to the festival.

    When you have received your pre-festival letter or email, you should have all the information you need to head down to the festival site. Make sure you keep on eye on your emails and this website for any late changes/updates to entry instructions. Don't forget to keep your email and postal address up to date so you receive this letter. And make sure you add stewards@oxfam.org.uk to your email address book to ensure you receive our emails.

  • Increase your Knowledge
    Prepare yourself for every eventuality by browsing our FAQs, read through our 'what is stewarding' area and make new friends, discuss stewarding, organise liftshares and much more by joining the Oxfam Stewarding Forum.

    Please also visit the stewards area regularly throughout the festival season for all our latest stewards info, including guides on packing, getting to site and our downloads area. You will find details on how to access the stewards area at the end of your stewarding confirmation email.

    To get the latest updates from the Oxfam Stewarding Team, follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook group.

  • For more information on the application process, and for tips on adding additional festivals, see our application process FAQs.